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Unreported Casualties In Cairo?

2012 February 3
by Natalie

As reported by CNN, “More than 1,400 people were injured and two people were killed, according to Deputy Health Minister Hisham Shiha.”  The quote is referring to the protests happening in downtown Cairo as a response to the 79 deaths resulting from riots at this week’s soccer match.

A local source reported to me at 10:45pm Friday Cairo time that there have been many more than two casualties.  While the exact numbers are unknown the source witnessed dozens of bodies left unconcious from the gas used by riot police.  The source explained that having been exposed to tear gas before, the gas used today was different.

The details of this report remain unconfirmed until further investigation is made.  Video and photos to come from downtown Cairo over the course of the next few days.  Stay tuned.




A Revolution Short of Change

2012 January 25
by Natalie

The young man beckons to the crowds gathered in Tahrir Square that the head of the Egyptian Military Council, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi is the right hand of Hosni Mubarak.  As locals transcribed his message, they expressed rule under Tantawi is transparent to Mubaraks’ and Egypt needs more than just a new president if they wish to see a better life for its people.  While Tahrir Square is full of the revolution’s one year anniversary celebrations, life in Egypt has seen little change.

Below are images captured inside Tahrir on January 25th, 2012.


Cairo Celebrates One Year of Revolution

2012 January 25
by Natalie

Millions of people flock to Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo to celebrate their country’s revolution that erupted one year ago today.

No Time For Celebrations In Tahrir

2012 January 24
by Natalie

On the night before the one year anniversary of the January 25th, 2011 Egyptian Revolution, a man takes the stage and speaks to his fellow countrymen.  As translated by locals on the scene, the man echoes that there shouldn’t be a celebration of the revolution because nothing has been achieved.  He continues to say that even with President Hosni Mubarak gone and of the Head Egyptian Military Council, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi in power, the political, economic, and social climates have gotten worse.

Egyptians Protest Outside of Parliament In Cairo

2012 January 23
by Natalie

January 23, 2012:  Egyptians gather outside the gates of Parliament on the one year anniversary of it’s first meeting.  Separated by a metal fence, police in riot gear stand idle as protestors express their disapproval of government leadership.

Egyptian youth stand outside the gates of Parliament


One Year Later In Tahrir Square

2012 January 22
by Natalie

Above, celebrating an early birthday, Adam his held by his mother as they stand in Tahrir Square, Cairo.  He was born almost a year ago on January 28th, 2011.  His mother has painted Egyptian flags on his face to also celebrate the coming of the 1 year anniversary of the January 25th, 2011 uprising.  Adam’s mother proudly said, “He grows with the spirit of Cairo!”  Happy birthday Adam.

People observe a memorial in Tahrir Square of the people lost during the revolution.

An Egyptian protestor wears his arm in a sling after a police beating during a demonstration last November.

Inbound To Cairo

2012 January 14

As of tomorrow I will be operating out of Cairo, Egypt. My focus will be to document and photograph things I find interesting and publish them here on my blog.

Stay tuned for day to day updates on my take of life in Cairo. For inquiries please email me at


Occupy Riverfront Tent Seizure

2011 November 20
by Natalie

On Friday November 18th, with the oversight of the Police, Harrisburg Public Works Employees seized food and tent shelters from the 99% Protestors.  This decision by City of Harrisburg Officials was executed the day after the two month anniversary of the #Occupy Movement.  Photos below feature Public Works employees cutting away the walls of the tent as protestors hold their ground inside.

Riverfront Tent Seizure

Tear Sheet Teaser

2011 November 18
by Natalie

The tear sheet below is a sample of how one of my clients is utilizing the photography I shot for them recently. The shoot consisted of a series of models photographed on white that would later be used in promotional and advertisement campaigns. The content created during this project will also be featured on the company’s fleet of vehicles. I really enjoyed working with Phillips, and hope to have the opportunity to work on more projects with them in the future.

Harrisburg Flood Waters Continue To Rise

2011 September 9
by Natalie

Photos: Natalie Cake | Roxbury News

Flooding as seen at 6pm near the Shipoke area of Harrisburg, PA. The water crest is predicted to be another 5ft higher than what is seen here.