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Women’s Self Defense Classes in Cairo

2012 July 6
by Natalie

Located at the Nun Center in Zamalek, mixed martial arts expert Ahmed Kadry runs a women’s self defense class. Twice a week, Ahmed meets with a small focused class of 5 to 8 women to work on scenario based self defense training. With increasing tensions in Egypt many women are unfortunately abused and assaulted, but along with this self defense trend some have started to take control and refuse to be victims.

Egyptians Revolt Against Mubarak Verdict

2012 June 2
by Natalie

Egyptians march to express their disapproval of the Hosni Mubarak trial verdict.  Despite Mubarak receiving life in prison, the acquittal of his sons and key members of his administration was enough to enrage protesters.  Many feel the outcome of the trial was a joke and an insult to the justice the 850 martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution deserve.

Egypt Holds Presidential Elections

2012 May 23
by Natalie

For what many call the first free and fair elections Egypt has seen since the ousting of Hosni Mubarak, Egyptians head to the polls to vote for one of twelve Presidential candidates.  Over the course of two days, May 23rd and 24th, Egyptians exercise their democratic privilege at their local polling station.

An Egyptian Woman casts her vote for her favored Presidential Candidate at Om El Moomeneen Secondary School in Omraneya, Giza.

Women line up outside their designated polling station.

A woman looks for her specific polling station.

Soldiers help organize and coordinate the high volume of traffic.

A woman’s fingers are stained with the ink used to mark the ballot.

Women file into the separate polling rooms.

After marking their choice, ballots are inserted into a zip tied bin.

Two Egyptian woman proudly show their finger tips after voting for the first time in their lives.

Egypt Waits For The Dawn of Election Day

2012 May 23
by Natalie

12:42 AM, May 23, 2012:  The Nile River, Cairo Egypt.

The Day Before: Egyptian Presidential Elections

2012 May 22
by Natalie

In Egypt all campaigning is required to stop two days before election day, but the flyers, murals, and billboards can be seen almost everywhere.

57357 & Students In Free Enterprise

2012 March 20
by Natalie

Changing the world happens in small steps taken by big people. I had the pleasure of contributing my craft with SIFE’s volunteer program at Egypt’s Children’s Cancer Hospital, 57357. Twice a week students from Misr University For Science & Technology travel to downtown Cairo and spend their morning or afternoon with the kids of 57357. As the kids come and go in-between their treatment schedules, the volunteers huddle with them and make bracelets and earrings. It’s hard to quantify the impact of volunteer work but the smiles and new friendships are priceless.

MUST Students Demonstrate Support For GUC Activism

2012 March 17
by Natalie

Students from the Misr University for Science and Technology organize themselves to show support for the expelled and banned students from the German University of Cairo. Placing their normal daily activities on hold, MUST students bear signs stressing the importance of free speech and public demonstration. The support comes as a response to the 2 GUC students who were expelled and 3 who were banned from attending classes for protesting against the SCAF controlled government.

Students March in Memory of Soccer Tragedy

2012 March 3
by Natalie

On March 3rd, 2012 students and faculty marched on the campus of Misr University For Science and Technology.  They paraded with signs and banners that honored the life of their fellow student Ahmed Fawzi who lost his life in the riots that occurred on February 1st, 2012.  Marching to a drum beat and chanting, demonstrators were very organized and peaceful.

Protests Continue Through The Night In Cairo

2012 February 7
by Natalie

Protestors clash with Police late into the night on Monday.  Between volleys of tear gas and rounds of rubber bullets, the police and protestors push back and forth over several blocks on Mohammed Mahmoud Street.  During the fighting police erected more walls blocking off street access to the Ministry of Interior Building where several raids were attempted by protestors during the preceding days.  The police’s tactics of crowd control left many injured and a total of 12 dead over the course of the last few days.  Journalist Salma Said is recovering in a hospital after she was hit in the face, abdomen, and legs by rounds fired by police.

Ultras Ahlawy Soccer Club graffiti, "UA07" marks the wall of a building on Mohammed Mahmoud Street. During the street clashes between police and protestors following the soccer riots, club members mark the tide of the revolution with their names and symbols.

Protestors huddle around fires that burn in the streets.

Protestors assemble on Mohammed Mahmoud Street outside a torched Egyptian State Building.

Night falls over Mohammed Mahmoud Street.

Soccer Riots Continue For A Third Day In Cairo

2012 February 4
by Natalie

On the third day following the 79 deaths at the Egyptian soccer match, protestors gather in downtown Cairo on Mohammed Mahmoud Street.  As the crowds of people push forward with the rally cries and retreat from the clouds of CS gas, the following set of photos show how an unorganized group of people band together to hold their ground and make their voices heard.

Video of today’s events is available upon request.

Men run to escape the incoming CS gas clouds.

A CS gas canister flies through the air.

Yet another man effected by the CS gas.

A man is left incapacitated from exposure to CS gas. Fellow protestors rush to his aid.

A collection of rubber bullets and CS gas canisters are shown inside a protesters camp in Tahrir Square.