Natalie Cake


I take photographs because capturing an image and producing a still is the most personally rewarding creative outlet I have experienced. There is a feeling of freedom and adventure in chasing down what seems to be an endless sea of stories, and having the opportunity to shoot them only fuels my obsession for the visual.

I once saw an interview where the subject remarked that people have been reduced to two things: their name and what they do. Understandably people have more depth than that, but when meeting someone new, we are often reduced to our title and profession.

The subject eventually concluded that no matter who we are or what industry we work in, it's not what we do that defines us, it's how we do it. Whether you meet me casually or while developing a new project, I bring a certain level of creative intensity and passion for my craft to the table that persists in all aspects of my life.

I'm a photographer. The work you see featured on my site is representative of my personal interest and the resulting professional experience. Please contact me for any questions or inquiries.